Richard Price

I suppose this where I'm supposed to say, "Hello, I'm Richard. Do you have a house you want to sell?”  Right?  Maybe, but that's not my style. I do sell houses. I do own a real estate brokerage. But selling houses isn’t who I am. 

I am, above all else, a husband and father. I’m married to a beautiful southern belle whose name is Julia. Although she and I are intent on world domination we spend most of our time raising our children: Samson, Lily, Lillian, Jackson, and Walter.  Yes, you read that right - we have two girls with very similar names.  This is the sort of thing that can happen when you've been married once before.  I'm thankful for second chances.

The three things I most enjoy in this life are my family, the outdoors, and music.  On the rare occasion that the three collide I'm pretty dang happy about it.  I spend as much time as I can in the mountains or on the water and I go to as many concerts as I can manage.  I'm a mountain biker and, thankfully, there are hundreds of miles of trails near me.  When I can I'll travel to bike - I've been as far away at British Columbia in search of adrenaline.  Julia and the kids are more into the water and we are fortunate that her folks have a place on Lake Wateree where we can spend time paddling, boating, and fishing.  And the music.  Man do we love the music.  We go to FarmAid every year which is great fun.  Here recently we've seen Jason Isbell, The Drive-By Truckers, John Prine, Amos Lee, and Hank Williams III.  

When I retire (if I ever do - I'm a bit of a workaholic) I want to travel and give more time to my community.  As of this writing I've been 3 countries outside of the US and to only about 1/2 of the states.  There's a lot that I haven't seen, and I hope to see it some day.  And while I'm as generous with giving as my budget will allow I don't have a lot of free time to give back to my community. This community has been very good to me and I'd like to repay it on a more personal level.

I get up early most days.  If I had my way I'd get up at 4:00.  It's peaceful and quite and I can get a lot done between then and 9:00 when the phone starts ringing.  But that Southern Belle of mine is also a night owl so I rarely get to sleep in time to get up quite that early. When I get up I like to read and write.  I'm working on a book.  It's about all the things I think my clients need to know about all things wrong with the Real Estate industry like greed and corruption and widespread incompetence.  I hope to publish it next year.  

I own a small boutique brokerage, R.W. Price Realty Associates.  I started the company after working at some of the "big box" brokerages where I just didn't fit in. They way real estate is done, for the most part, is not the way I wanted to do it.  Starting my own company was a way for me to do what I love but distance myself from the things I didn't love about it.  I've got a great business parter and we have great agents and staff. There's a button up top that says Hire Me if you want to know more.  

So that's me.  Husband. Father. Friend. Mountain Biker. Early Riser. Aspiring author. Real Estate Broker.


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