2018 Coastal Road Trip

The 2018 Coastal Road Trip with Lily and Sam, my youngest two, was a roaring success.  Many of you followed us on FaceBook as we drove from Monroe up to Virginia and then down the eastern shore of North Carolina in our second attempt to see all seven coastal lighthouses in North Carolina.

As predicted, the trip was incredibly fun, but not without its setbacks. On day one the radiator blew out, causing us to miss the full day on Virginia Beach that we’d planned. And on the second night everything got soaked during a thunderstorm that brought so much rain we literally had a duck in our campsite the following morning.

On day three we arrived in Corolla Beach at about 4:45 only to discover that, starting this year, they require a permit to drive on the beach. And the only place to get one is 30 minutes away and closes at 5:00.  Oh well, no wild horses this year.

Every day was like that with something crazy and unexpected threatening to ruin up the entire trip. But we just kept rolling and, by the time we got back home, we decided it was the best trip we’d ever taken. 

Still, we’re going to have to do it at least one more time. When we arrived at Bodie Island on the fourth day the thunderstorms that we’d already endured for three days prevented us from being able to climb the lighthouse.  It’s now the only one that we haven’t climbed (except Ocracoke, which is not open for climbing) so we have to take this trip at least one more time.  

This year Julia, Jack, & LuLu joined us for the last two days. Maybe next time I can figure out a way to cram all of us into the truck for the entire trip. 

Maybe I’ll get a bigger truck?