I sure am glad we have Lisa.

Sometimes people dread meeting her because they don’t really know what to expect. But, by the time she’s finished, they’re always glad she’s been there. 

See, the thing about Lisa is that she’s really good at what she does. A lot of times when she shows up things are a little out of place. In fact sometimes things are a total train wreck. 

Plus, when she gets there, there’s always a million other things going on.

Boxes stacked up.

Things in piles to go to be donated. 

Sometimes there’s a POD or a UNIT in sitting around.

The entire place might even be in complete disarray, like a bomb went off. 

There can be other problems too, like bad smells and bad colors and bad artwork. 

But none of that matters to Lisa, it doesn’t even phase her. She shows up and gets right to work assessing the situation. Room by room she goes through taking inventory, making notes, and taking pictures. 

Asking questions.

Making suggestions. 

The next day her report shows up. It’s a detailed plan of exactly what needs to happen in order for everything to be perfect.

“Put this in storage, and put that in the other room.”

“Take that painting down and move the table into the dining room.”

“You need to paint the walls in the kitchen and plant new flowers along the walkway.”

The list goes on, and by the time my clients have finished their house looks perfect. They say things like, “wow, we should have done this a long time ago!” and “who knew our house could look so good?”

This is the way it goes every time Lisa stages a house for us. Which is precisely why we have her stage every house that we list. 

I’m doing something a little out-of-the ordinary this week - showing houses. Usually once a client’s house is under contract they work with our Buyer’s Specialists to purchase their next home. But someone who’s house just sold insisted that I help her with the purchase myself. 

I was happy to oblige, but looking through pictures and touring houses from that perspective I’ve been totally surprised by some of what I’ve seen. She has been, too, because of course Lisa staged her house. 

Some of these places are a mess! It’s like they think that all they need to do, in order to get the best price, is just put a for sale sign up and wait for someone to write the big check.

That’s not quite how it works in the real world. 

I tell you, I sure am glad we have Lisa Glass.